Last Day of Attleboro Farmers Market in 2012

A bit about the Attleboro Farmers Market end of season.....and the upcoming election ...and my photo class, on the loose!

I'm sort of ashamed to say that Saturday was my first visit to the Attleboro Farmers Market. I visited with three of my photography students from the adult education program at Attleboro High School . My fourth student went off to New Hampshire for the weekend. He was warned that he HAD to return with some great photos! 

A very nice assortment of vendors were at the market selling their "fruits of the earth" and many other craft items. It will moving to a new location next spring—Finberg Field —the one across the street from Bliss Dairy . I wonder what will be the big town controversy in the news next spring! Let's have some guesses citizens of Attleboro, and hey Seekonk too! Tell me what ideas you might have. 

My photo class has had two sessions and is going well. The beginning is the toughest as we're learning what all those buttons and menu items do, as well as what kind of adjustments the camera makes on each of those "magic" settings. Then I throw in what creative image styles that they cannot make happen.

It really was easier in the old days with film and there were only a few ways to change how your camera captured a nicely exposed image! But back then, you couldn't afford to take a hundred photos in a day and take the film to be printed. Especially since the lab would print every image, whether good or bad. 

As noted in an editorial in a recent issue of The Sun Chronicle —Mr. Johnson states, essentially, that Obama has done nothing that works, so you should vote for Romney, who says he will definitely get the economy going but has said nothing specific, enough for me, to describe how! It's just a bunch of bla, bla, bla feel-good statements. He ran a business or two. So what! Running the government is hugely different. It's going to be more trial and error to continue any progress that Obama has made. 

And he has made some progress, but not enough for most citizens. Remember, the economic situation was continuing a downward spiral for months after Obama took office. Then economies around the world became involved. Remember also, that the U.S. is part of a world economy. This country imports and exports billions of dollars of goods each year. One market develops problems, such as the U.S., and it affects another market(s). 

So, worldwide economies slow their buying and selling of goods and a snowball effect occurs. It is going to take a long time for resolutions to work, having to again reverberate around the world. Every economy starts picking up and a positive snowball effect begins to work, and around and around it goes. 

All those impatient citizens should read a social history of the '29 crash. Wall Street had guys jumping out of skyscraper windows. Not this time—they got laid off, maybe. Then they came back and got their huge bonuses!

During the bad times of the early 1930s, people went anywhere there were jobs. The men left their families to go find work and sent money back home to their wives and children. They went across the country, anywhere job openings were advertised—riding trains, hitching rides, riding in the back of a truck going in that direction. 

There was neither Social Security, nor unemployment benefits then. These benefits came out of that terrible time in our history. So, you'd better be damn grateful for those, as long as they last! I haven't seen any bread lines so far. Have you?

Stop complaining, devise solutions for yourself, within the law of course! Go somewhere and find some work. Start a business of some kind of your own. Be an entrepreneur! Get off your butt! I hear that there are, I think, hundreds of opening in North Dakota (maybe South Dakota) working for gas drilling companies. They are probably good paying jobs too. Oh, you don't like the cold - OK stay home and starve and complain! 

So, if you like Romney better or Obama, I don't care. It is going to take quite a while for the world economy to rebound. And the U.S. is part of that loop, no matter who our president is. But don't believe it if you think Romney has some magic switch to cure our problems in a hurry. Most of us do not understand, or ever will, macro and microeconomics. There is no ready-made fix!

Anyways, it was nice to finally visit the Attleboro Farmers Market. I am also pleased that a resolution  to its location by the library  was agreed upon for this year. I always thought that the library could have benefitted from having its book sale on a Saturday along with the market. Just makes business sense to me. 

My photo class has four more meetings—plus another weekend morning photo shoot or two. My next six-week session may be about taking photos from your camera to the computer, some basic editing and them on to the World Wide Web! Anyone interested in a program like that? Email me at shoppix@photo.net , or dcameron@attleboroschools.com  (Mrs. Cameron runs the adult education program).

That's it for now! All photogs—Keep Shootin'.

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Heather Porreca November 01, 2012 at 01:50 PM
It was nice to meet you and the students from your class! I hope they captured some great shots!!!


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