Students Receive Free College Tuition

More than 100 Attleboro students earn John and Abigail Adams scholarships.

Higher education will be less expensive for 107 Attleboro High School students if they choose to go to a state school. The district announced on Monday that 25 percent of the senior class received John and Abigail Adams scholarships, which offers four years of free tuition for students who attend a state college or university.

To qualify for the scholarship, a student must earn an advanced score in math or English in the 10th grade MCAS test and at least a proficent score in the second subject. The student must also have a combined MCAS score that ranks in the top 25 percent of the district.

The maximum number of Attleboro students qualified for the scholarship for the fourth consecutive year, school district Superintendent Pia Durkin said at the school committee meeting. She said the recipients included students of various ethnic groups, and she was especially proud that 21 percent of students from low-income families qualified.

The recipients are:

  • Crystal Ann Adams
  • Edras Adony Aguirre
  • Andrew Mark Ahern
  • Ryan Xavier Andrade
  • Shannon Colleen Bambery
  • Tania Car Barzola Amante
  • Anthony John Bement
  • Jayson Austin Bennett
  • Julia Christine Bergh
  • Kalyn Anne Bishop
  • Sara Marie Blackwell
  • Trea Blair
  • Danielle China Bone
  • Veronica Vera Bou
  • Joseph Christian Bozzo
  • Matthew Steven Brinard
  • Emily Rose Bury
  • Frank John Cadle
  • Mia Marie Carriuolo
  • Anthony Joseph Casadonte
  • Ashlyn Victoria Collins
  • Angela Grace Cook
  • Brittany Nicole Corsi
  • Julie McLellan Costello
  • Shelby Cuddeback
  • Analia M. Cuevas-Ferreras
  • Nicholas Paul DaCosta
  • Danielle Nicole DeRose
  • Keith Michael Drucker
  • Abraham Emad Eid
  • Tyler James Fernandes
  • Matthew Thomas Finn
  • Kelsey Lynn Fitzpatrick
  • Matthew David Forrest
  • Cody Joseph Freeman
  • Kelsey Nicole Gallant
  • Suzanne Sophy Gammer
  • Stefanie Marie Gentile
  • Jonathan James Giara
  • Brant Anthony Greenleaf
  • Meaghan Pearl Greve
  • Samantha Haley Guinan
  • Samia Habib
  • Eric Mark Haselton
  • Emily Patricia Haynes
  • Benjamin Bradley Heller
  • Logan Ryan Higgins
  • Madison Elizabeth Houle
  • Andrea Marie Jenne
  • Alexandrea Grace Jenson
  • Meghan Ann Joyal
  • Joseph Harrison Kelley
  • Amelia Adrienne LaCourse
  • Diana Elizabeth Liam
  • Taylor Beverly Larson
  • Kelsea Lee LeBlanc
  • Jessie Lynn Levis
  • Dominik Jacob Machado
  • Peter Luke Magliozzi
  • Andrew Michael Maguire
  • Mahrukh Malik
  • Cotey Joseph Martinez
  • Morgan Rose Martini
  • Robert Steven McCluskey
  • Makayla Zoe Medeiros
  • Neyma Cassandra Mendes
  • Jacklyn Amanda Middleton
  • Bethanne Hope Milton
  • Ryan Patrick Murray
  • Matthew Brian Nordberg
  • Katrina Lynn Ogden
  • Oladipo Olanrewa Olaogun
  • Paul Jones Oliveira
  • Abigail Rose Oliver
  • Jordan Marshall Palermo
  • Ryan Steven Papargiris
  • Zoe Alexis Parker
  • Kevin Nitin Patel
  • Monica Jesenia Perdomo
  • Alyssa Belle Pereira
  • Noah Thomas Phelps
  • Bridgette Kelly Proulx
  • Jared Patrick Ricci
  • Kimberlyn Joy Roche
  • Lyndsay Irene Roy
  • Oscar Steven Ruiz
  • Rubeena Havabai Sameja
  • Charles Edward Sampson
  • Amanda Marie Schramm
  • James Mark Schultheiss
  • Michaela Leigh Seaman
  • Gina Nicole Semple
  • Danielle Marie Sharples
  • Allison Marie Standley
  • Paige Marie Sumner
  • Emma Isabella Szczesny
  • Amy Nicole Tedesco
  • Alex Christopher Tundel
  • Laura Katherine Vincent
  • Christopher Viveiros
  • Kelsey Patrice Wagner
  • Stanley Kitt Walker
  • Jessica Bernadette Wall
  • Adam Richard Woodhead
  • Samir Muhammad Yusuf
  • Robert Edward Zielinski
Jonathan Friedman October 02, 2012 at 01:50 PM
A couple readers contacted me asking that I clarify this scholarship does not cover "fees," room and board, books etc. This is true, however every dollar counts and any money you can save on higher education is a good thing. Congratulations to the students.
Paula McK. October 02, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Bravo students! Not only for their hard work behind the deserved award, but also it sends a message to younger students that these things are possible. Great job!
paul October 03, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Congratulations to the teachers, Attleboro School System, taxpayers & parents!


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