Should School Have Been Cancelled in Attleboro Wednesday?

Attleboro residents were sounding off on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Attleboro residents are sounding off on Facebook to a simple question:

Hey Attleboro-
Do you think school should have been cancelled today?

The question was posed on the Attleboro Patch Facebook page Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few responses.

Andy Sunshine Yes. They transport children out of district that got more snow then us.

Stacey Beal Sidewalks not done near schools (SA anyway) and perhaps a 2 hour delay but you can never be sure I wouldn't want to be driving a bus on some of these back roads

Christina MacDonald No but no one really ever knows exactly how much snow we would get and if the plows would be able to get done in time for the buses to get through. I guess they were thinking better safe than sorry.

John Greaves Yes I think the school system handled things very well

For more responses or to add your own, click above or use the comment section below!


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