School Committee Renews Interim Superintendent's Contract

Arlene Bosco receives a base salary of $106,761 for the period covering Sept. 17 to June 30.

Seekonk's interim superintendent will take a salary cut under the conditions of her contract renewal approved by the school committee on Monday. However, Arlene Bosco will also have less work to do because she will no longer have the additional job as director of pupil personnel services.

Bosco was named interim superintendent on May 21, three days after  as head of the district. The initial version of the contract called for Bosco to receive $73,825 for the period covering May 21 through Sept. 30. This is a daily rate of $777 ($259 as director of pupil personnel services and $518 as superintendent). Under the terms of the contract renewal, she will only receive the superintendent salary for a total of $106,761 to cover Sept. 17 through June 30 (she will be paid for the days covered in both versions of the contract based on the salary of the renewal).

Bosco was relieved of most of her pupil personnel services duties following the appointment of interim Special Education Director Susan Doe, who will begin work Sept. 17. Special education is one of the areas covered under pupil personnel services. Bosco and Doe will share responsibilities for the remaining areas, School Committee Chair Mitch Vieira told Seekonk Patch.

Doe left her job as special education director in Somerset to take the Seekonk job.

Bosco's contract states she can return to her original role as director of pupil personnel services after a new superintendent begins work. The district  and is expected to appoint a superintendent March 1 who will begin work July 1.


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