Rome Road Race Raises 5K for Attleboro Schools

The Rome Boulevard Road Race donated over $5,000 Monday to Attleboro schools.

Members of the Rome Boulevard Road Race came to the Attleboro School Committee meeting Monday to donate $5,237 they raised during the 2011 race.

“We would like to thank the Rome Boulevard Road Race for their generous donation,” School Committee Chair Michael Tyler said.

The tradition, which has been going strong for six years, donates money to the Attleboro High School for athletics programs and support.

This year, Houghton Physical Therapy, one of the race’s main sponsors, teamed up with the Bluefish Swim Club this year.

“My wife, Tracy, came to me last year and she knew something about the road race and she said this might be a really great way to reach out to the community of Attleboro,” said Todd Houghton of Houghton Physical Therapy.

 Next year, they plan to raise more than $10,000 for the event.

“This race has been a big success,” Travis Hein of Bluefish Swimclub. “In part due to a lot of volunteers, a fair number of people in this room and in part to our two organizations.”

Hein has been a Bluefish parent in Holliston, and has been organizing road races for over four years. Other Bluefish parents approached him when Jim Hawkins announced he wanted to pass down the organizational responsibility for the race.

“I teamed up with Tracy through Houghton Physical Therapy and Todd Houghton, and so together we were co-directors for the race this year,” Hein said.

The $5,237 were split up for specific projects. One fan will be receiving $250, the Attleboro Lacrosse Association received $1,000, the Attleboro School athletics department received $1,400 and a larg chunk, the remaining 50-percent of the $5,237, went to the Attleboro High School pool repair.

“I’ve very proud to present this check, and the actual checks to the Attleboro School system,” Hein said, holding a large cardboard check.

The race had about 300 runners. Corporate sponsors included the Attleboro Education Association, Bristol County Bank and Sodexo Food Services.


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