Residency Complaint Against Murphy Dismissed

School district parent Jennifer Crowder says she will pursue further legal action against the school committee member.

The Attleboro Election Commission voted unanimously Thursday evening at  to dismiss a residency complaint against School Committee member David Murphy. Jennifer Crowder, who filed the complaint, announced at the beginning of the hearing that she had accepted defeat. She said after the hearing that she would pursue other legal actions against Murphy.

Although the complaint alleged Murphy was not a resident of Attleboro last year when he filed to run for office and when he was elected, the commission was only willing to consider whether he was a resident in mid-July of this year, which is when Crowder filed the complaint. For this reason, Crowder acknowledged Thursday evening that she could not win.

This could just be the end of the first chapter of this story, rather than a conclusion because it appears Crowder is not finished.

"There are other avenues as to which I wish to contend with in regards to improper voting methods and also statements he made under the pain and penalty for perjury," Crowder said after the hearing.

Murphy declined to comment on Crowder's statement. With regard to the hearing, he said he wished he had been given more time to show all the evidence he had in his favor. Murphy was only allowed to make a brief presentation since the commission's decision was obvious once Crowder acknowledged defeat.

"We had 46 exhibits that spoke to my continuous residency from January 31, 2000 to the present," Murphy said. "I hope that anyone who is legitimately concerned about this issue takes the time to review at least some of that evidence. I also hope that everyone has better things to do than look through every little piece of it."

Some of the evidence can be found in the attachment to . Murphy said he would release further exhibits to Attleboro Patch soon.

Murphy added that not only is he currently an Attleboro resident, he lived in this city last year when he ran for office.

"Ms. Crowder's statement that I was not a resident at the time I ran for school committee is simply incorrect," he said.

Attleboro Patch will have more information on this story soon.

disappointed neighbor August 07, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Dave Murphy is hardly ever at his parent's house. This has all been a lie and a cover up. I have never had a problem with the Murphy's, but I cannot believe they would lie like this to the public. I have lost respect for my neighbors.
Joe Borges August 07, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Such lies Mr. Murphy. The election commission needs to investigate this back to when he was elected. Murphy is a joke. Show us proof when you where elected!!! Tell us how you got your Boston parking permit. They do not just give them out. Anyone who only works in Boston and really live in Attleboro knows this. You have committed fraud Mr. Murphy. I hope this catches up with you. Not everyone in Attleboro can be fooled by you. The few that post on this sight in your favor are not the majority. We will make sure the voters remember that you tricked them and should not have ran for school committee. Why would you do this to innocent children?? This does not speak highly of you Mr. Murphy. Just keep making the school committee dysfunctional. You seem to cause all the trouble on school committee and even in the community with your lies and arrogance. You should just step down. Even the people who post here for you know in their hearts that you were not a resident and should not be able to hold you seat. They are just your friends and are trying to support you. The truth is you move out of Mommy's and Daddy's house and got your own apartment in Boston. You got caught in a lie and scratched and clawed to dig your way out. Because you have connections at City Hall, they derailed Ms. Crowder and it gave you time to change everything over for July. This only proves your arrogance. We don't believe you Murphy.
Fedex August 07, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Give it a rest already. Over and done with. Mr.Murphy is one of the educated ones on the board. He explained how and why he had the apt. In town. Move on he s deserves to represent our kids.
Adam Edward August 07, 2012 at 01:08 PM
If you drive a vehicle for more than 30 days a year in Massachusetts you are required to register that vehicle in Massachusetts. So someone who lives in another state but operates a vehicle in Massachusetts for more than 30 days a year would have to register their vehicle in Massachusetts. It is not against the law to have dual residency, it would be if you voted in both cities. Also there is another member of the school commitee that lives in Florida 40% of the time and does business there. Obviously this isn't a problem because she sides with those against Murphy. If Mr. Murphy's license has had an Attleboro address since '99 then how could he show a license with a Boston residence? I like how you said "face the facts" but decided to not know any facts when it comes to dual residency.
Adam Edward August 07, 2012 at 01:12 PM
I like how you say the people who support him are the minority. This was all out in the open before the election and over 4,000 people voted for him then.


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