Delayed Heating Repairs at Attleboro High School Force Officials to Relocate Classes

Classes in Building A at Attleboro High have been moved.

A section of is without heat on this frigid Halloween day and school officials will have to do some juggling for a few days to keep students warm and classes running on schedule.

Building A at the high school is undergoing heating repairs, according to Principal Jeff Newman. Work to the system was suppose to be done at the end of the summer, according to Business Manager Marc Furtado. 

"We had a very aggressive schedule that called for the work to occur at the end of August/start of September," Furtado said. "We were hoping to have everything done by the end of September. However we did not receive the required signatures on the contract because the vendor did not include a payment bond, so by the time we went through one cycle of signatures, the issuance of the bond, and a second round of signatures, we were starting everything at the end of September/start of October, rather than finishing then."

According to Newman, only one section of the school is relocated. "Temporary relocation of some classes was necessary."

Appoximately 30 classes will be impacted and there are approximately 28 students in each class for four blocks.

"We will reassess each day as to what is needed for classroom relocation," Newman said. 

Furtado, said the repair work is expected to be completed this week. "We will still need to test and insulate the repair once completed," Furtado said. "We expect to have the systems running again by either late this week or early next."

Hope Attleboro October 31, 2011 at 05:28 PM
Mr. Furtado your planning is perfecto! Not like you could have done the repairs over the summer. Also, why such a secret from Mr Newman? Parents and taxpayers deserve to know how long the school day is expected to be disrupted. Just another glowing example of the tremendous leadership in Attleboro public schools.
Lisa Holmes October 31, 2011 at 05:36 PM
Exactly Hope. Mr. Furtado had to pay someone extra to come in and do the repairs at night. This cost the city extra money due to the work hours. What a class act Mr. Furtado has proven to be. He should of had the repairs done over the Summer, but he was too busy shaking hands behind closed doors with Bloom Bus Company. Why would the school committee vote to give a tremendous rais to someone who is so incompetent? They should have let this man go and destroy somone elses schools.
Jen Crowder November 01, 2011 at 11:41 AM
Let's see- the bus debacle, the high school mess, can't return phone calls( 3 months here now), extra $$ for night repairs... Hmm I think this man should get a demotion not raise. How nice it is to be Pia's puppet-Get paid extra $$ for making everything you touch debacle like the rest of the puppets
John November 01, 2011 at 08:28 PM
I was watching the school committee debate and according to the chairman, he voted for the extension and raise because if Mr. Furtado would have left, it would have cost an additional $15k to replace him. Not sure how he can make that statement when they never interviewed for Mr. Furtado's replacement. I still would love to know why Mr. Furtado didn't accept the new job, was there a "handshake" deal by the school committee to match Mr. Furtado's new salary? Something doesn't sit right with this whole situation.
Ellen Bradford November 03, 2011 at 12:27 AM
I love seeing comments made disparagingly that are based on hearsay and rumour. Not an ounce of truth. The repairs were put out to bid and have to follow Mass Public Procurement Laws. Where do you people get this stuff? Who's Kool-aid are you drinking? I think its been spiked with untruths to made people feel like they can push their political agendas. Wake up people a new day is dawning.
RANDERS November 03, 2011 at 03:06 AM
Ellen: As a buystander reading these issues the Kool-aid that I'm drinking has given me the insight to check public records which shows you are not listed as a homeowner, renter or any other citizens of Attleboro. The information you provided definately seems to be inside information which would have been helpful if you provided it in a public forum yourself instead of using an alias and hiding in the shadows. With such a wealth of knowledge you seem to possess, you should step out of the shadows and run for office yourself. Where was your investigative knowledge when they hired a Superintendent that was fired in Narragansett? Maybe this would have been helpful to the prior school board since you seem to be up on current events. Where were you when the business manager got a raise and a contract extension and then gave the bus contractor a $1 parking lot lease at Attleboro High? Seems to me your commenting could have brought to light this issues so that the children of Attleboro Schools didn't get short changed and could have at least asked for $2. Most of all, do you not have the ability to purchase a copy of the school board meetings from Double ACS or turn to channel 9 and contiously see that there is obstruction on certain issues by certain school board members at the same time this may have deterred you from criticizing members for their attendence or hard driving on certain issues. I'm sure more issues will come to light to nullify your criticisms in coming days.


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