Meet School Committee Ward 4 Candidate Brenda Furtado

The current Ward 4 representative is seeking re-election.

Name: Brenda Furtado

Seat: Ward 4 School Committee

Education: Attleboro Public Schools

Brenda Furtado is finishing up her first year as a member of the Attleboro School Committee and is seeking another term in the 2011 election. upcoming election.

Furtado said she has learned a lot in her year on the committee, particularly about the specifics of the district’s finances, which aligns well with her job experience and financial background as an office manager.

Furtado has two boys in the district, one in sixth grade and the other in eighth, however she believes that her job on the school committee is not to just voice her views on what’s best for her children, but to represent the views of the parents of Ward 4.

“It’s not my school committee, it’s our school committee,” Furtado said.


In addition to her experience with finances, which included serving on the district’s financial sub-committee, Furtado says the biggest thing she offers is the fact that she is a parent and she is invested in the schools.

“I’m in the schools, I know the challenges and the achievements,” she said.

Furtado say she has frequent conversations with parents and teachers to see what they think and the concerns they have, but she is also sure to ask the students what they think.

As a member of the school committee, Furtado also says she knows that she is the voice of her ward, not just herself.

“It’s not about me," Furtado said. :When I sit at that table I have my Ward 4 behind me. I’m their voice and I’m proud to be their voice.”

Issues That Matter

The issue facing the school committee according to Furtado is the annual budget.

“Money is always a problem,” Furtado said. 

The district has not had a budget increase in the past three years, and as such the committee has had to work with the administration to come to a satisfactory budget each year.

“You have to have balance; we need our kids to be well rounded individuals", said Furtado who is an advocate for the presence of the arts, music and technology programs in the elementary schools and throughout the district. These three specials are always a concern during budget time.

John September 28, 2011 at 12:33 PM
Justin, I think you mean to say Brenda is finishing up her first "term", not first year. She is actually finishing her 2nd year on the School Committee.
Kathleen (Penkala) Masse September 28, 2011 at 06:09 PM
I am thrilled to have Brenda as our Ward 4 School Committee Rep. She is present, knowlegable, and hard working. What a fabulous 1st term. I volunteer in the schools and see her there frequently. I look forward to her continuing to represent ALL of the children in Attleboro!
Maggie Dennis September 28, 2011 at 09:35 PM
I have read about Brenda over her last term but have never had the opportunity to speak to her until today and I must say the article states "As a member of the school committee, Furtado also says she knows that she is the voice of her ward, not just herself." this is exactly what happened for me today. I have had an ongoing school issue that I have been struggling with since the start of school with little results, after speaking with Brenda not only was she super friendly but understood where I was coming from and sympathized with my frustrations. In less than 8 hours Brenda has helped me accomplished more than I have been able to accomplish on my own in 2 weeks. Brenda is a blessing to our School Committee and more so to this frustrated parent. I look forward to another successful term.
Jen Crowder September 28, 2011 at 11:25 PM
Brenda has been an amazing representative for Ward 4! She truly does understand the concerns of the parents, needs of our children and knows how to balance those with responsibility. She had been very supportive with our issues with the district and has been nothing but a positive in a system where there are too many negatives!! Let's keep her on the board for a voice for the people who truly matter- our children!
Debbie Pierce September 29, 2011 at 02:32 PM
I am very proud to have Brenda as my Ward 4 School Committee representative. Whenever I have questions or concerns, she always responds quickly to carefully listen and help. As she is a parent of children currently in the system, I am confident that she truly understands our perspective and issues. Brenda will speak up to question and ask for clarification when necessary, and always works hard to advocate for all of our children's needs, recognizing that they come first! We absolutely need to re-elect her for another term - get out there & vote on Nov. 8!
Briana Auclair September 29, 2011 at 06:51 PM
Brenda is honest, real and down to earth. She cares about what is going on because she is an Attleboro parent, and her only interest is in speaking up for children and their families. As part of Ward 4, I am glad to have Brenda as my representative and she will always have my vote. I only wish more of Attleboro's elected officials were as caring and attentive as Brenda. Can we clone her and put her on the city council?
Jennifer Corbett September 30, 2011 at 12:31 AM
I am so proud of Brenda and all that she stands for. People who run for school committee should be invested in the children and what is best for them. Brenda is invested in all the children in Attleboro and she stands by what she believes in, no matter what. At the end of the day I know I can contact her and am guaranteed an answer to any of my concerns. We are very lucky in Ward 4.
Lorraine Potter September 30, 2011 at 12:26 PM
I am happy to add to the above comments - I am also glad Brenda Furtado represents my voice (ward 4) at the meetings. I can say my dealings with Brenda on subjects of the school system have been honest, passionate and real. I can tell you we also agree to disagree at times and that is fine we all have our own goals and beliefs. But I can tell you as a voter Brenda has heard me out and told me she will take my opinions to the table. As a parent that have children in our school system that is all I can really ask of someone.
michelle walton November 02, 2011 at 09:02 PM
Anyone find the recent letter to the editor from Helen Johnson a bit appalling? She wanted to address why she wasn't at the DEBATE???? How about committee meetings????? I don't think she's attended one since she passed in her rave review 5 star evaluation of the superintendent. Doesn't seem like a way to get elected to me. I'm just glad she'll no longer be an at-large representative because she's done a LOUSY job representing me! Brenda, I'm not in your ward, but I'm rooting for ya!
Ellen Bradford November 03, 2011 at 12:13 AM
The thing I notice about people on the Patch who leave comments is that they are meanspirited and one sided. I believe if you check attendance at Committee Meetings you'll find Ms. Johnson isn't the only one not present. Please most of these Committee Members have an agenda and even the State has shown they have not helped the children of Attleboro.
Debbie Pierce November 03, 2011 at 12:26 PM
I am a little confused by your comment, Ellen, as the vast majority of comments on this page are very complimentary and supportive of its subject, Brenda Furtado, and most definitely are not mean-spirited. Here are several parents listing ways that she has, indeed, helped the schools and our children. I would also like to add to my previous comment by saying how proud I am that Brenda is not running a negative campaign and not writing disparaging editorials about her opponent in the newspaper.
Jim Dandy November 03, 2011 at 02:17 PM
Yes Ms. Pierce - the majority of comments are supportive - but the one in regards to Mrs. Johnson is not. It's funny - Mrs. Johnson hasn't been asked by Patch to have a profile done - so we know that they are biased. Obviously Mrs. Furtado has you people fooled. From day 1 she has had an agenda to get rid of Dr. Durkin & her adiministration. Obvioulsy you were not around for the previous administration & the horrible condition of Attleboro schools. Have you people not seen the improvements Dr. Durkin has made during her time her?? Mrs. Johnson was simply stating that Brenda is not the sole person on the School Committee that gets goals accomplised. Michelle - have you ever talked to Mrs. Johnson or are you just making blind judgements? Before making your judgements, maybe you should speak with her & form your own opinion. Get your facts straight & check the meeting attendance. Mrs. Furtado is not always at meetings either.
Patricia Resende November 04, 2011 at 05:12 AM
Hello Jim Dandy, I'm not sure where you found your information, but Helen Johnson was sent the same email as other city councilors and school committee members received on August 1, 2011. See below please: The initial email included everyone's name as a BCC to protect everyone's email address, but since Helen's and Mrs. Furtado's are included on school website, I figured it would be fine to post it here. Patricia Resende to bcc: helen250, bcc: brenda887 show details Aug 1 Hello, We are planning to run a weekly column on School Committee and City Council candidates in the next coming weeks. I'm seeking time and dates that you are available for an interview. The feature will be a profile of each candidate. If you have a photo that you would like to submit, please feel free to forward it. Otherwise, we will use a file photo. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Patricia --


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