Former Officeholders Prepare for Comebacks

John Davis pulled papers for the City Council contest and Jim Stors looks to return as a school committee member.

Two challengers pulled papers in the past two days for Attleboro's fall election, but both men have familiar faces. Former City Councilor John Davis pulled papers Wednesday for the Ward 3 council race and former School Committee member Jim Stors took out nomination papers for the Ward 2 and at-large school committee races. He must choose which contest he will officially enter.

Davis served as the Ward 5 councilor for four terms before giving up his seat to run for mayor in 2007. Mayor Kevin Dumas defeated him in that election. If he pursues the Ward 3 contest, Davis could face Council President Frank Cook, who is a seven-term incumbent. Cook is one of two sitting councilors who have not pulled papers as of Thursday. The other councilor is Sara-Lynn Reynolds, who said earlier this week she would not run because she will compete for Richard Ross' state senate seat  next year.

Stors previously served as the Ward 2 school committee member, and lost his seat to Bill Larson in the 2011 election. Larson will run for a secodn term.

"I'm not surprised that Jim is running, I expected that he would," wrote Larson in an email to Attleboro Patch. "I believe he enjoyed being on the school committee, I know I have. It's a great way to give back to the community. We both want to help out in any way we can."

Stors answered a few questions via email:

Attleboro Patch: Are you definitely running?  

Jim Stors: I am definitely planning on running. 

Patch: Why are you running or consider running?

Stors: I gained a lot of knowledge and experience when I served that I know will be an asset to the next school committee, and having just finished the interview portion as a member of the Superintendent Search Steering Committee I am excited about the future of our school district and would truly be honored to be able to serve Attleboro's children and families once again.

Patch: Why did you pull papers for both seats, are you leaning toward going for one of them?  

Stors: For the past two elections I ran as a ward representative and I really enjoyed serving my ward, but during and after the last election I had so many supporters from all over the city who said that they would love to vote for me but couldn't because they didn't live in my ward, and who encouraged me to run again at-large, so I am taking a hard look at both. I am planning on reaching out to my ward's current representative and talk to him about the last election before I make my final decision on whether to run for the ward seat or at-large.

George Glass February 23, 2013 at 12:12 AM
Sure Gretchen, He frequently refuses to follow Roberts rules of order. He bullies other councilors just after the Double ACS camera is turned off. He focuses all efforts on what ever the Mayor wants, losing his objectivity which is important in the "Presidential" position that he currently holds. He rarely calls constitutions back who make the effort of reaching out to him. Most especially when they hold a different of opinion than he has. He has been in office far too long and does not represent Ward 3 to the best of his abilities. "Kevin's Angels" (kind of like Charlies Angels) need to be broken up, Blais, Cook and Kirby, who pander to the administration, need to go. That is what I can think of off the top of my head. I am certain that others can add to the list.
Jonathan Friedman February 23, 2013 at 11:44 AM
I added a comment from Bill Larson
Jerry Chase February 24, 2013 at 03:54 AM
I hope that Jim Stors runs and wins a seat on the School Committee again. He served with distinction in the past. Jim worked hard at the thankless job, which serves all local residents. He deserves to be on the Committee again.
Jerry Chase February 24, 2013 at 04:01 AM
George, I like your positive, upbeat point-of-view. It is good to get "fresh blood" on the City's Elected Boards. But it's hard to get people to run: most are working like crazy just to pay the bills, the taxes, the high water & sewer rates, etc.. I bet that the typical couple has three jobs between them . . and the kids need their time, too. I do think that Attleboro has lost some of it's "looking back syndrome". For many years, many leaders were trying to resurrect the jewelry industry here, and "trying to build a better yesterday". I believe that much of that misplaced effort(s) have been rightly abandoned. There are local leaders now in Attleboro that are looking forward. Do we need more? Yes. But some progress has been made, IMO.
Jerry Chase February 24, 2013 at 04:30 AM
It is great news that experienced city councilor, John Davis, has taken out nomination papers for the Council again. He deserves the support of all voters.


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