Attleboro High School Students 'Stuff It' in the Name of Myles Owen Brastow

The Brastow family hosted a night of fun at Attleboro High School in the name of their son, Myles Owen.

Teams of students filled the gym on Thursday night to play a game in the name of their buddy, who was tragically killed in an accident in September.

Thursday was not a night of tears or feeling sad about the friend they lost. Rather it was about having fun in Brastow's memory by playing his favorite backyard summer game–badminton.

Dozens of students created team names such as The God Squad, Purple Pistols and the Notorious MOB, decorated T-shirts and ate pizza donated by and hit the court to play for Brastow. 

"I think it's great how all these kids who were his friend love him and keep his name alive," long-time friend Nate Robitaille said. "It's like a little piece of Myles is here with us."

Melissa Brastow, Myles's mother, said the night was all about having fun and playing her son's favorite game during a family cookout.

"It was huge for Myles–he took it very seriously," she said smiling. "No one could go in the pool until they played.

"This is not a fundraiser. Tonight is for them," Brastow said of the Attleboro High School students. "They have no idea how much they've helped us."

While seniors enjoyed the last night before their last day of school, the Brastows could not help but to think of their son not being there for senior year activities and graduation. 

"It's been very tough for my family this past week," she said of the last week of school for the seniors because her son would have been graduating. "We will not be at graduation. It's something we just cannot handle."


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