VIDEO: Candidates Face Questions on Overtime Pay, Industrial Park and Mayor's Salary

Chamber of commerce hosts a forum to introduce and question Attleboro City Council candidates.

Sixteen candidates took to the stage in the auditorium to answer tough questions from Larry Nelson during a candidates forum Wednesday night.

Hosted by the United Regional Chamber of Commerce, the forum gave each of the 16 candidates a timed chance to introduce themselves, answer one question and have the opportunity to address the audience.

Click on the video clips to hear what each council candidate had to say when asked these questions:

  1. At-Large Candidate Jay DiLisio was asked: In the past few years economic development funds have been used for downtown sidewalk improvements, landscaping and financial incentives to new restaurants in the central business district. Would you continue to support these priorities or would you propose changes?
  2. At-Large Candidate Richard Conti was asked: The Industrial Business Park project has been stalled for the past two years. What would you do to get the project moving again or would you propose another alternative?
  3. Ward 4 Candidate Jonathan Wedyt was asked: The Attleboro Retirement Board recently suggested using their money to provide a mortgage to help finance the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority. Would you please explain your position on this suggestion and what actions you will take on this matter if elected.
  4. At-Large Candidate Cherie Felos was asked: There is a proposal to change the city charter to make positions of Clerk, Collector and Treasurer appointed instead of elected positions. Would you please explain your position on this proposal?
  5. Ward 4 Candidate William Bergevine was asked: We recently experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irene that resulted in many days of power loss to a large number of residents. What do you think the proper role for a councilor shoul be in an emergency situation like this?
  6. At-Large Candidate Sara Lynn Reynolds was asked: What have you done for the City of Attleboro that qualifies you as a good candidate for city council?
  7. At-Large Candidate Anthony Parziale was asked: What do you think are the City of Attleboro's greatest assets and what would the council do to preserve them?
  8. At-Large Candidate Bert Buckley was asked: If you were talking to someone about bringing their business to Attleboro what would your sales pitch be?
  9. Ward 1 Candidate Walter Thibodeau was asked: Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for non-profit  organizations has always been a controversial subject. What is your opinion regarding PILOTS, and do you have any alternative suggestions for non-profits?
  10. Ward 3 Candidate Thomas Dowling was asked: Legal expenses incurred by the City seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. What would you do as a Councilor to rein in those expenses in the future?
  11. Ward 5 Candidate Jeremy Denlea was asked: Water and Sewer rates have increased significantly over the past few years. As a councilor, what steps would you take to make sure these rates are determined fairly?
  12. At-Large Candidate Kim Allard was asked: The property tax rates for residential and commercial properties have been different for a number of years. Historically, the commercial rate has been higher than the residential rate. In the past few years, this difference has been getting a bit smaller. As a councilor, would you vote to bring the two rates closer to parity, or return them back to their historical difference?
  13. At-Large Candidate Peter Blais was asked: There has been a lot of discussion recently concerning the use of outside grant money for staffing positions in city hall. What do you see as the role of grant funding in city government?
  14. Ward 3 City Councilor Frank Cook was asked: As a newly elected city councilor, what specific issues do you feel are the most important ones for you to address first?
  15. Ward 5 Candidate Jerry Chase was asked: One of the highest priorities for the residents of Attleboro is public safety. What should the council's role be in determining the staffing of the police and fire departments?
  16. At-Large Candidate Brian Kirby was asked: Long time residents remember the days when the downtown was a vibrant place to work, shop, eat and play. What can the council do to restore the vitality of downtown?
Jerry Chase September 23, 2011 at 02:58 AM
I was disappointed in the low attendance, though it was great that AACS was there.


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