Storm Aftermath Update from Mayor Dumas

He asks that people stay off the roads so the city's cleanup crew can do its work.

Mayor Kevin Dumas released the following statement this morning:

As of 9:10 a.m., there remain 765 customers without power out of the 19,000 National Grid customers in Attleboro. The largest area without power encompasses the following area: Peckham, Pike, Wilmarth and Slater Streets. All streets located off of these streets are without power. It is expected that this area be restored by this evening per National Grid.

Please make sure that you have reported your power outage to National Grid at 800-322-3223. 

However, residents may come to the emergency shelter at Attleboro High School through the Principal's Lobby to warm themselves. This shelter remains open, has food, and is pet friendly as long as animals are brought with cage or crate.

The city respectfully requests that you remain off the roadways in order to allow the Department of Public Works-Highway Division employees and contractors to do their work throughout the day today. All public and private resources are deployed in full capacity and have been since the inception of the winter storm.

We are asking for your help! There is rain and more snow predicted over the next seven days. Please remove snow around fire hydrants and clear catch basin drains in front of your homes. This will alleviate flooding and drainage problems that are expected to occur this week.


The City of Attleboro Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Attleboro Police Department is operational.  

Storm-Related Issues to the Emergency Operations Center should be directed to 508-223-2275.

Snow-Related Issues to the Department of Public Works-Highway Yard should be directed to 508-222-0006.

Shannon February 11, 2013 at 12:02 AM
I understand the frustration of everyone commenting, but what I don't get what complaining about it is going to do for anyone. Think of how many streets there are, and think of the number of plows that are on the road. The people have been out since before the storm started, preparing for the amount of snow we got. How would you feel if you've been doing your job for hours on end with no sleep and not being able to see your families because you're just doing your job. What would have been the point to have all the side roads plowed if no one should have been on the road anyways. Everyone complains too much for something they don't have any control of.
susan February 11, 2013 at 12:21 AM
I agree with Shannon.....Attleboro people should be thanking these hard working city workers and contractors for all there hours and hard work, get the map out and take a look at how many streets there are....never mind it was a BLIZZARD!!!!!
Steven Scott February 11, 2013 at 02:16 AM
why are the surrounding towns so much better ? My travels to help other folks took me thru at least 7 other towns and Attleboro roads were the worst by far.
Jonathan Friedman February 11, 2013 at 05:00 AM
For the record, I asked Councilor Shannon Heagney if "Shannon" is her. She says this is not her. As always, I encourage posters to use their full, real name (first and last will do, the middle name is optional).
Hollie February 11, 2013 at 09:15 PM
We all need to make sure hydrants are shovelled out, but no one needs to make sure 123 doesn't have 8 inches of snow on it? I saw about 8 people PUSHING an ambulance down Park St yesterday. I understand it was a record snowfall, but it was predicted for a week. Why weren't we ready? I am a new resident of Attleboro, and the response to this storm has been an epic disappointment. It took me 40 min to get from Carpenter St to the 152/I-95 ramp this morning. Someone dropped the ball big time and Im praying that it gets cleaned up before the next round.


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