Resident Wants Hunting Law in Attleboro

Linda Chilson says she hears gunshots almost every day of hunting season and is afraid to walk her dog in the woods.

Neighborhood fear and daily sounds of gunfire were among the features of a letter recently submitted to the Attleboro City Council about local hunting by Linda Chilson, a resident who lives on Pike Street. The full text of her letter can be found below:

I am writing to you because I am very concerned about hunting safety violations in our city. My property and the properties of my immediate neighbors are posted against hunting. However, the hunters are ignoring our signs, and in some cases, even tearing the signs down. I hear gunshots on almost every day of hunting season. Such willful disregard for the safety and rights of homeowners could result in tragedy. Because of the carelessness of some hunters, I am afraid to walk my dog in the woods on my land and am therefore denied the use and enjoyment of the property on which I pay taxes.

It is my suggestion that the city of Attleboro consider adopting a bylaw pertaining to hunting. The town of Norfolk adopted such an article (Article 7) at its November 2012 Town Meeting. I have enclosed a copy of the article as written and approved by town meeting voters. In essence, all hunters are required to obtain written permission from owners before hunting on private property.

Any property owners who choose to allow hunting on their property must notify the Police Department in writing. This bylaw puts the burden of knowing where hunting is allowed on the hunters who must register with the Police Department on each day that they hunt. The hunters are also expected to be familiar with the property boundaries where hunting is prohibited. 

Several of my neighbors and I would be willing to come and speak before the council if necessary. We wish to enjoy our properties and not have our rights as property owners superseded by hunters.


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