Meet Candidate for City Councilor At Large: Anthony Parziale

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Name: Anthony Parziale

Seat: Attleboro Municipal Council, At-Large

Education: Associate Degree,  Middlesex Community College

A morning show co-host with a strong work ethic, Anthony Parziale has plans to give back to the city he loves by dedicating himself to collaborate with the residents of Attleboro to locate and implement innovative solutions.   

Parziale, 32, is a father who says he's dedicated to his son Nairam and step-daughter Jaden Dumont. He has commuted into Boston daily for 14 years to the job he loves as a co-host of the Hill-Man morning show at WAAF. "I have never called in sick or been late for work, I dedicate myself 110 percent and will work equally hard if elected to the City Council," Parziale said.


What makes Parziale stand out? He has a strong desire to make himself available to speak with the citizens of Attleboro to allow their voice to be heard. If elected Parziale plans to visit a location in the city bi-weekly such as the orto allow residents a chance to discuss their concerns face to face. Parziale said he feels that meeting with citizens in person and being available to the taxpayer is significant.

Parziale's desire to represent Attleboro as a city councilor stems from his vision to see the city he loves continue to be a safe, prosperous and welcoming community for future generations.    

Parziale states that it is essential that the residents of Attleboro know that they can trust that their elected officials are held accountable and are working in their best interest. He would love to work to develop new and innovative ideas for the city to be self supporting without having to look to or rely on the state for funding. Parziale sites the , which survives through private donations instead of tax payer dollars as being a wonderful example of this.  

Issues that Matter

If elected, Parziale says his goal would be to meet with the taxpayer to hear their issues and suggestions and to work diligently to come up with new ways to solve issues facing the city. One of his more pressing concerns is bringing business back into Attleboro.

"There are far too many vacant buildings in the city and we need to work together for a creative approach to bring new industry to Attleboro".  

Parziale states that he feels it is important for the city to plan for a new high school to be built as "placing band aids on the existing building will most likely cost more in the long term."

He also would like to see a new on ramp and off ramp built in South Attleboro to increase access to local business. 

Parziale went on to say that he would be proud to be part of making the City of Attleboro a positive example for other cities by being responsible, self supporting, having a balanced budget and ultimately providing a strong sense of community where people want to live and raise their families.   

Parziale has taken to micro-blogging sites such as Twitter to get the word out.

John August 16, 2011 at 02:27 PM
As a life long Attleboro resident I think Mr. Parzialli sounds like a nice boy who has good ideas. We should help elect him.
DAN DEVINE August 16, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Hello Anthony, I also commuted to Boston from my home in Attleboro (25 years ago) listened to AAF & BCN on the way., I like your ideas & offerings, we need some changes on the City Council & you would be a good fit.
Andy Heller August 16, 2011 at 09:27 PM
I like the fact that one of Mr. Parzialli's important issues are the vacant buildings in Attleboro. Empty buildings have a negative impact on both the looks and perception of a city. It's an admirable concern on the part of a candidate but I'm interested in details about how the status quo can be changed. I wouldn't minding hearing more on this subject.
donna August 31, 2011 at 12:55 AM
I like what I read here, but I also listen to Mr. Parzianlli on WAAF, and because of what i hear and how he believes all women are hoe's I have no desire to vote someone like this into my city. sorry
Jeannie September 06, 2011 at 05:25 PM
There is a difference between "Spaz" and Anthony Parziale. "Spaz" is a character on a morning show. I have noticed over the past few month Spaz, trying to break the image that he has portrayed. I can see the forest for the trees, good luck Anthony.


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