Incumbents Pull Papers for City Election

Among those beginning the process toward becoming candidates in the November election are Mayor Kevin Dumas, School Committee member David Murphy and City Councilors Jay DiLisio, Richard Conti, Peter Blais, Brian Kirby, Mark Cooper and Jonathan Weydt.

No shocking news came out of Attleboro City Hall Tuesday, the first day residents could pull papers to begin potential campaigns for the November election. Ten incumbents, including Mayor Kevin Dumas, began the process toward becoming candidates.

The others who pulled papers were School Committee member David Murphy and City Councilors Jay DiLisio, Richard Conti, Peter Blais, Brian Kirby, Mark Cooper and Jonathan Weydt. Papers were also pulled by City Collector Deb Marcoccio and City Treasurer Ethel Sandbach.

Everybody has until the end of July to return the papers with the required number of signatures from Attleboro residents.

Cooper (Ward 2) and Weydt (Ward 4) pulled papers for re-election as representatives of ther respective wards. The other councilors pulled papers for at-large bids. The top five vote-getters in the at-large election earn seats on the council.

Murphy pulled papers for the at-large school committee race. There are three at-large school committee members. Murphy placed first in the 2011 election.

Lyin Ryan February 13, 2013 at 09:08 PM
Bob, all you have to do is look at most of the city council to see most attleboro voters didn't think before they voted.
Bob February 13, 2013 at 09:59 PM
You are correct Lyin Ryan!. The guy to Conti's right decided to speak last night! OMG!!!
Jerry Chase February 14, 2013 at 01:35 AM
Hey, Bob; how about an original thought from you, instead of constantly engaging in "politics of personal destruction"? As Harry Truman said, "It takes a builder to build a barn; any jackass can knock it down."
Jerry Chase February 15, 2013 at 01:56 AM
OK; I accept that. However, I would urge all to not condemn someone just because they happen to ideologically align with any given national party. Some think or allege that I have personal animus with Brian. Not so. I critique his performance as a city councilor which is based upon his personal philosophy of being a city councilor----which I think is dreadfully in error----but Brian himself is an all right guy. It might be interesting to some that among the fellow councilors with which I served in '08 & '09, I actually got along with those of left-leaning national persuasion better than those who claim to be of my own right-leaning national ideology. The problem arises because some folks, on both sides of the aisle, put personalities before policy, law, and Rules, . . . and thus tend to condemn me for putting principle ahead of some local personas. I say that principle and law MUST prevail over personalities, to prevent, and hopefully preclude, government by people instead of governing by law and Rule. While the law is not perfect, it is an established standard to which elected officials are sworn to uphold. It's not optional: it's required. It can't be any other way, or we descend into tyranny and anarchy.
j fernandes February 15, 2013 at 03:59 AM
At least he didn't lie about living in Attleboro, when he resided in Boston. I do not even know why Murphy wants to run again for school committee. Doesn't he realize it is represent the children in the district, not just administration? He ignores his constituents and causing problems with his fellow committee members. He cannot get along well with others and feels his views are the only ones that matter. He is more concerned with thanking everyone than he is with what is actually happening in the schools. How about supporting services for our children. Instead you attack a fellow committee member for working to get compensatory services for children at Willett. Where are your priorities? Why are you running? I would really like to know why. If you follow Patch, please respond. I believe you would be better suited for a cable public access talk show. You always have alot to say, but it does not benefit the schools. If you want to hear your own voice, start a talk show. At least this way, you will not be making decisons that hurt and hinder our children's educational progress. This may be unfair seeing that you do not have children in the system, so you don't understand what these children are going through. Please allow someone to take your seat who really wants to help the schools and not just the administration. PLEASE.


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