Gov. Meets Democratic Campaigners in Attleboro

Deval Patrick visits Joe Kennedy III's campaign office in Attleboro.

Democratic campaigners at the Attleboro office for congressional candidate Joe Kennedy III received a Monday morning visit from Gov. Deval Patrick. The Democrat and friend of President Barack Obama said people have achieved the American dream due to the "robust partnership between government and private life," which includes government investments in education, health care and various industries.

"We have a record in this president of investing in precisely those things against extraordinary odds—at the worst economic environment in living memory and against united obstruction from the Republicans in the Congress," Patrick said.

He said people must vote for Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to continue and improve upon the progress he says has happened during the past four years.

Speaking about Warren's opponent, Sen. Scott Brown, Patrick said, "There is one candidate in the race who describes himself as an independent voice, but ... he hasn't been independent of the fiscal program presented by Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan, which is basically $5 trillion in tax cuts to the very rich paid for by programs that actually help people like you and me. He hasn't been independent of a united front in opposing ... all three of the president's jobs bills. 

Patrick continued, "The independence we need is not an independent ... voice during campaign times, it's an independent vote during governing times. That's what we are going to get from Elizabeth Warren."

Patrick thanked the campaigners for their efforts.

"You have set aside what you're doing to take up not just the president or Elizabeth Warren's cause, but our cause of lifting up this commonwealth and making stronger towns and communities and a commonwealth and a country."


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