Fines Approved for Overdue Dog License Fees

Owners must pay for a license by June 1 or face a fine of at least $25.

If you haven't gotten your 2012-13 dog license, you better hurry up. The City Council voted 10-0 on Tuesday to approve fines for those who fail to purchase the licenses by June 1.

The fine is $25 per dog. Kennel owners can be charged up to $150, depending on the number of dogs they have. The money generated from the fines will go into the city's General Fund, and later shifted to a pool dedicated to construction of a new animal shelter.

"This is really good policy for the city of Attleboro to have," City Councilor Jeremy Denlea said. "It promotes responsible dog ownership, which is a goal that we all have."

There are more than 3,600 licensed dogs in Attleboro, City Clerk Betty Shockroo told Attleboro-Seekonk Patch in January. Owners are supposed to obtain a license each year by April 1 (the June 1 deadline to avoid a fine allows for a grace period) for dogs six months or older. Licenses cost $5 for spayed and neutered dogs and $20 for those who have not received the procedure.

There are exemptions for dogs assisting the visually impaired and people with medical issues, government dogs and dogs that are in a person's care in preparation for adoption.

A $50 fine is already on the books for owners caught without a dog license. This is the first time a late fee has been approved.

A license application can be found here. It must be submitted to the City Clerk's office in person or by mail.


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