Brown on Warren: 'You Need a Record' to Run for President

The former Massachusetts senator was asked about his one-time opponent during a stop in Londonderry on Thursday night.

Scott Brown. Patch File Photo
Scott Brown. Patch File Photo
By Marc Fortier:

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown took a shot at his former political rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, during a stop in Londonderry on Thursday night.

Brown, who was in town to address the Londonderry Republican Committee, was asked before the event for his take on Warren's announcement on Wednesday that she won't run for president in 2016. Warren defeated Brown in the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race.

"Listen, you have to have a record first," Brown said. "I think you actually have to go and pass legislation and have experience to be president. I think that's critically important.

"That's a personal decision she made," he added. "I'm not sure... she didn't call me."

Asked about his own possible presidential aspirations, Brown replied, "I don't think I ever said I was thinking about running for president," but then added, "I don't think anything's off the table at this point."

Back in August, the Boston Herald reported that Brown said he was looking at a possible 2016 presidential bid.
Gretchen Robinson December 10, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Brown is just creating buzz and stirring the pot--or this is just plain old sour grapes--and frustration. His 'star' is sinking further toward the horizon as the months go by. Brown isn't going anywhere and he knows it--as long as the Koch Brothers/ALEC/Tea Potty radicals are marching inexorably to the Right, he hasn't got a chance. I don't think he's a moderate by any means but he's not as crazy as Cheney, Gingrich, Cruz, Ryan, etc. etc. I'm waiting for local Republicans to come out against the crazies already in the lineup for 2016. But I hear nary a peep of dissent from Massachusetts Republicans when it comes to criticizing national headliners. Too bad, I can remember when the MA Republican Party stood for something. As for Warren, I think she'd be smart to get some more seasoning and some more wins against Wall Street and Corporate welfare, to say nothing of the foreign policy heft and depth any presidential candidate needs. My dream ticket is Hillary Clinton at the top and Elizabeth Warren for VP.
Jerry Chase December 11, 2013 at 09:10 PM
Lizzy's got a record----for LYING!
Jerry Chase January 12, 2014 at 05:34 PM
That's not a dream, Gretchen: that's a nightmare! BTW, precisely what do you think that the Mass. GOP stood for years ago? That's a real enigma to me. Plainly, Brown left uber-Liberal Massachusetts because a 'pol' here has to be very close to Karl Marx to get elected. He's a good man that has served this nation, with a multiple-decade good military record: an honorable thing by definition. Just ask Paul Spera!
Gretchen Robinson January 13, 2014 at 11:09 PM
The reason Elizabeth Warren won is to be found in your calling her "Lizzy." How rude and offensive. Will you start in with "war whoops" and "tomahawk chops" next??? This line of thinking offends voters. I remember good Republicans, have voted for some. The Republican party was jerked far to the Right by the religious and political right. This has made it harder for MA Republican candidates to run. Scott Brown styled himself as a Tea Party Republican (it was expedient at the time) but he is no moderate. And MA voters saw through his blather. He lost the election in the first sentences of the first debate with now Senator Elizabeth Warren by saying she lied about being Native American. His attack on this issues rather than unemployment or the Recession shows he was operating out of the national Republican playbook. He messed up and now he's going to run against Jeanne Shaheen?? I don't think he has a prayer.
deb of see-attleboro January 14, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Gretchen: IMO, Brown was a huge disappointment. I don't think he stood a chance even before he went mano a mano with Warren. She didn't win. He lost. Even you admit she was elected because of the infantile behavior of her opposition. If the ticket did turn out to be Clinton/Warren, I would not be the least bit surprised if they won. I wouldn't vote for them. But I still think they would win.


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