Police Warn of New Telephone Scam

The calls involve an automated message identifying a program called "Senior Medical Advisory."

The following warning is from the Attleboro Police Department:

The Attleboro Police Department has recently received information regarding suspicious telemarketing calls being received by Attleboro residents.  During the automated calls, the recorded message advertises a personal lifesaving alert system.  The calls appear to target senior residents.  The City of Attleboro Council on Aging has also received calls from residents who had received there telemarketing calls.

The automated message identifies the program offered by “Senior Medical Advisory”.  The message asks residents to press a series of numbers to utilize this program.

Attempts by Attleboro Police to identify and contact “Senior Medical Advisory” have been unsuccessful.  Therefore, until the program can be verified the Police Department is warning residents to be wary of these calls.

Residents are reminded that they should dial 911 should they experience a medical emergency, fire or police emergency.  Residents are also reminded that they should not provide personal information such as their Social Security Number or banking information over the telephone unless they have first verified the recipient of that information or the recipient is trusted.

paul April 27, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Many seniors do not use caller I.D. and they pay for it. Let your calls be screened! If you don't know the party that is calling you, do not pick it up. Comcast shows you the number on your TV and still many seniors answer out of habit. It's all education & training, teach your folks to be wary.


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