Update: Lightning Strike Injures One Man, Knocks Out Power [VIDEO]

A fast-moving thunderstorm caused damage in Attleboro Wednesday.

Lightning struck a U-Haul business on Pleasant Street in Attleboro just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, sending one man to the hospital and forcing Attleboro Police to close a busy intersection. 

Power has been turned off by National Grid for several blocks, leaving the usually busy street in darkness. A total of 440 customers were impacted, according to Deborah Drew, a National Grid spokesperson.

Attleboro firefighters put out the fire from the electric wires while Attleboro police officers rerouted traffic through the Stop & Shop parking lot. 

Attleboro Fire Capt. Tim Birch said the U-Haul employee was taken to Sturdy and treated for minor injuries. "He felt a shock," he said. "He was holding on to some railing."

Justin Hanson, an employee at U-Haul said his co-worker was "zapped" when lightning hit the utility pole then sent the elecrical current to the U-Haul building. 

Police and fire personnel kept onlookers away from the area because the wire was still live.  

"It's pretty dangerous because the primary power line will flip around like a fish," Birch said. "It heated up the ground pretty good."

Firefighters used an entire 1,000-gallon tank of foam to put it out, according to Birch. 

Power for several blocks is expected to remain off for a few hours, according to Attleboro Fire Chief Scott Lachance. 


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