Attleboro Man Involved in Fatal Crash

A man and a girl are struck by a pickup truck while crossing a street in Whitman. The man dies.

An Attleboro man was in custody Sunday after he allegedly struck a 38-year-old man and a young girl with his pickup truck as they crossed a street in Whitman, according to the Boston Globe and NECN. The male pedestrian, Edward Cordwell Jr., was killed and the girl, who is 4 or 5, was sent to a hospital in stable conditional with traumatic injuries.

The truck driver, who was identified by the Globe as Richard C. Brown, stopped his truck after the incident, according to the police. It had not been determined if he would face charges.

NECN reported:

Witnesses describe the scene as horrifying. A man bleeding in the middle of Temple Street in Whitman, Mass., a little girl near the curb, her bike caught under the heavy Dodge Ram pickup. The accident happened at 2 p.m. on Sunday, right in front of the fire chief's home. 

"It was a bit stressful at first," said Fire Chief Tim Grenno of the Whitman Fire Department. "Your instincts lock in, I had my portable radio and I radioed in for ambulances and medflight helicopters."

The man and girl who were crossing the street were not related, according to NECN.

Jerry Chase September 11, 2012 at 07:00 PM
It's interesting to find out that the MASS. RMV has suspended the pickup truck owner / driver's license, and yet alleged driver has NOT yet be charged with anything at said point in time. Does this mean that the MASS. RMV is reacting to news reports? Are they not condemning someone who has not yet been found legally guilty? Yet, so that all understand, I am not exonerating anyone . . nor am I making the least light of this dreadful tragedy. Hopefully, the young girl recovers. Frankly, Massachusetts has a really messed-up "system" that evolved over time which no longer is effecient or meets the needs of 21st-century society.


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