Patch Picks 5: Best Burgers Outside of the 'Boro

Here's our take on the best places to get a hearty burger.

  1. : Louie has 12 different speciality burgers for you to try.  There is sure to be one on that list especially for you.
  2. : Robin is the perfect place to get that burger with the kids. It's kid-friendly, has a tower of onion rings to go with the burger and the Red Robin mascot hands out balloons. 
  3. : This pub makes their own hand-pressed burgers. Enough said. 
  4. - Way over the line in Newport, you'll find a great little place with a great burger. It's worth the drive!
  5. Johnny Rockets - In the Providence Place Mall, is were you'll find 13 different burgers. Rockets at Providence Place is one of six locations in Rhode Island.


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