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Letter to the Editor: MBTA Change Meeting Time

Attleboro City Council member ask MBTA to change time.

To the MBTA:

With all due respect, as a member of the Attleboro City Council and Chairman of the Transportation and Traffic Committee of same, I implore you to change the scheduled time of your meeting to collect commuter and public impute relative to the proposed planned rate increases. I suggest the more reasonable time of 6:30 through 9:30 p.m., Attleboro High School, Rathbun Willard Drive, Tuesday, Jan. 24.  I ask all who read this to forward this e-mail to;fareproposal@mbta.com  and make your voice heard!  

Thank You, 

Walter J. Thibodeau Chairman, Transportation & Traffic Committee Attleboro City Council, 8 Liberty Drive,  Attleboro, Ma. 02703 508-399-6549

Tisiphone January 10, 2012 at 12:02 AM
A "tempest in a teapot". I have had government people expain to me that these hearing are only held to meet laws concerning "public imput". They are viewed as ways to wear down the public, allow local politicians to posture and to allow truly concerned individuals to vent. Bear in mind that these "public hearings" are held by government agencies that are rarely headed by an elected official, they have little to fear. Truly large turnouts might sway the elected officials that appoint the bureaucrats. In essence, the decision is made before public input is received (as here). There may be "accomodations" around the edges, but I cannot think of an instance where the main thrust was really stymied. In cases, such as the rail line to New Bedford, where "real politicians" are in charge, fear of job loss tends to keep them in line. More frequently, it simply delays the process.


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