AHS Challenges Students, Teachers and Community Members to Participate in #26Acts of Kindness

The movement was inspired after the Sandy Hook tragedy last year.

AHS flyer for #26ActsofKindness
AHS flyer for #26ActsofKindness  Download PDF 
Attleboro High School is asking the community to join it in participating in #26Acts of Kindness.

The movement, which began shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that took the lives of 26, asks participants to perform 26 good deeds. NBC News Correspondent Ann Curry was first to the idea and it quickly took off on social media.

Attleboro HS is challenging students, teachers and community members to complete the initiative by winter break on Dec. 19.

Those who participate can even share their acts by going to www.26ActsAHS.weebly.com. They can also tweet their story to #26ActsAHS or email it to BluePride@Attleboroschools.com

Attleboro's participation in the movement was spawned by high school teachers Kelly Reed and Becky Richard. Reed grew up near Newtown and has a friend who teaches at the school.

“Unlike with a natural disaster where we could raise money or donate supplies, money can’t fix what happened that day," Reed said in a statement Tuesday.  "But what we can do is make a commitment to live our lives with more compassion and understanding.  We live in scary times.  But I think it is important to remind ourselves and the students that while there is indeed great evil in the world, it pales in comparison to the enormous goodness that surrounds us on a daily basis.”


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