Today's Forecast Includes Rain, Possible Snow

Here's a look at what's happening in Attleboro.

1. The sky is planning to let loose again today. The National Weather Service's daytime forecast calls for rain and possible snow (100 percent chance of precipitation). A light south wind is also expected to move 8 mph to 13 mph. The projected high is 44. The good thing—little to no snow accumulation is expected.

There is a 60 percent chance of nighttime rain, mainly before 10 p.m. The nighttime forecast calls for cloudy skies, a west wind traveling 8 mph to 10 mph and a low near 33.

2. The rain combined with existing snow on top of your home could be a recipe for a roof collapse. Go here for tips on how to prevent this from happening. Mayor Kevin Dumas wrote in his recent storm-recovery update, "Please remove snow around fire hydrants and clear catch basin drains in front of your homes. This will alleviate flooding and drainage problems that are expected to occur this week."

3. The city's street parking ban remains in effect until further notice. Also, schools are closed today in Attleboro. City Hall is open, as is the library and the zoo. 

4. Election season is almost here. Tomorrow is the first day for potential candidates to pull papers. Attleboro Patch will be at City Hall to catch all those people in the act. Be sure to follow our live blog.

5. You may have missed the news last week because you were snowstorm-focused, but you or your child can now get a learner's driving permit without leaving the city. Go here for more information. 


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