Santa Leaves North Pole; Lands Sleigh in the 'Boro[VIDEO]

Dozens of boys and girls got a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

A special visitor came from far away to visit the children of Attleboro. He had a broad face, rosey cheeks and a little round belly. Who was the visitor? It was Santa Claus! That's right. Santa took a break from working with his elves to visit Attleboro and help Mayor Kevin Dumas light the Christmas tree at and find out what Attleboro children wanted for Christmas. 

One by one children old and young took their turn on Santa's lap. Counting down from five the crowd cheered after Santa and Dumas flipped the switch on the Attleboro Christmas tree.

While Santa's elves were much too busy making toys and filling holiday wishes, other helpers in the community provided a helping hand including Ed Liston of Liston Landscaping who took kids on a hayride and City Slickers 4-H in South Attleboro who dressed their horses Penny, Red, Rumraisin and Boo-Boo in holiday gear and provided horse and pony rides.

There was plenty of acts of kindness from those in the holiday spirit including Representatives Betty Poirier (R-North Attleboro) and George Ross and (R-Attleboro) who donated cookies and hot coffee for visitors and local restaurants including , , , and who donated hot pizza.

"Usually it comes out of the city budget, so I said we'll save them some money," Rep. George Ross said of he and Poirier.

While there were plenty of helpers, there weren't as many visitors as there have been in previous years. That, according to organizers, was because of the cancelled Holiday Parade which helps to draw a bigger crowd to the lighting. 

The parade was cancelled because of lack of interest from people who typically walk in the parade, according to Parks and Forestry Superintendent Sonny Almeida.

"I was kind of looking forward to it," said Deb Bickford, leader of who was helping her daughter Elizabeth Bickford, 11, hang ornaments made by Daisy Troop 964 hang ornaments on the tree. 

"Everybody practices all year long to sing the "We are the Girls Scouts, the Mighty, Mighty Girl Scouts," she added.

Almeida promised the crowd a bigger and better event next year. How? He plans to bring together a committee of planners from the city, his department and the community, he said. Almeida said he planned to tap the City's Veteran Affairs Director Carl Bradshaw and Superintendent Dennis Walsh to help.

"Citizens need to give us their ideas," Almeida said. "I guarantee it won't be like this next year."

Gloria M. December 04, 2011 at 01:37 PM
I live on County Street and enjoy the parade. I've been watching for the parade announcement in the Sun Chronicle, and somehow missed the news that the parade was canceled. How very disappointing.
Kendelle Aronson December 06, 2011 at 02:06 AM
I would love to see the parade return next year, bigger and better. One reason I dislike the parade as it has existed is that they only stop traffic on one side of the street. I have marched with Girl Scouts in this parade for the last 4 years (obviously not this year) and I have a concern for the safety of our girls with traffic moving on the other side of the street. NA has a HUGE Santa parade and our Memorial Parade is fantastic. We should be able to pull something together to make it a great community day!


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