Man Shot, Woman Dies in Crash and Other Stories from Region

Here's a look at stories from throughout the region.

Seekonk Woman Dies in Car Crash

Jennifer Mello, 42, of Seekonk was pronounced dead late Tuesday morning at Sturdy Memorial Hospital after crashing her vehicle into a tree in Attleboro, the city's police department reported. The crash took place off County Street near the Phillips Street intersection. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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Drugs may have been the focus of a conflict that led to a man being shot at his Smith Street Rear home late Sunday night. Attleboro police say they found illegal drugs, marijuana plants and more than $24,000 in cash at the home of shooting victim Michael Briggs. He was in stable condition at Rhode Island Hospital as of Monday, police say. A search for the shooting suspects is ongoing, and police are following "several leads," according to a press release from the Attleboro department.

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Westboro Baptist Church Does Not Protest Funeral

In the end, the activities surrounding the funeral of Lt. Col. Michael Greene wasn't about responding to a hateful message, it was about saying goodbye a member of the community. In response to a threat from the Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral, about 50 people stood at the South Common to pay tribute to Greene as the procession left the church and headed towards the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne.

Plans for the gathering came together on the afternoon of Feb. 17 when the Rev. Ted Newcomb of Mansfield Congregational Church hosted a meeting to discuss a peaceful response to the picket if it were to happen. Slowly during the discussions, the conversation evolved from dealing with an extremist group to paying tribute to a beloved resident.

"I think everybody at the meeting the other day, they heard especially from the friends of the family what was needed for the family, and to be able to do it this way was really helpful," Newcomb said.

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