Five Things Left to Do Over the Summer [VIDEO]

The summer will soon end, cross these things to do off of your list.

There will be sunny days in September and maybe Attleboro will experience an Indian summer in October, but for the most part the summer is wrapping up. 

Did it creep up on you? Here's your chance to check off the plans you made back in May, or to squeeze in some new summertime fun ideas, before the warm weather is over.

  1. Visit while the Splash Pad is still squirting water through animal-shaped spouts and animals are out enjoying the sun.
  2. Take a walk through one of 's many walking trails to see Talaquega Lake before it freezes over. It will be frozen before you know it. 
  3. Take a dip in one of Attleboro's .The pools will be closed for the season at the close of day Friday, Aug. 19. 
  4. Grab the family for a game of mini golf at the
  5. Or visit one of Attleboro's wonderful parks including ,

And five more places outside of the 'Boro to venture out to with your Patch Passport:

  1. Not too far away is Games are kid-friendly and inexpensive. 
  2. How about a lesson in history by visiting ?
  3. Not too far away from the 'Boro is in Fall River.
  4. Another nice place to visit is
  5. If you are feeling really adventurous, pack a bag of snacks and a towel and sail away on the out of Narragansett.


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