Bites Nearby: Toti's Grilled Pizzeria

The Taunton Avenue restaurant proved a comfortable and casual atmosphere for an enjoyable dining experience

Last night my wife and I had an unexpected and quite enjoyable experience dining at a place in Seekonk. We visited to Toti's  Grilled Pizzeria on Route 44 on a recommendation, and at first we were reluctant.

From the outside, it didn't look like the type of place we'd usually fit in, especially in clothes straight from the office. It's located right next to Chardonnay's, a classy establishment both inside and out. The appearance of Toti's from the outside gave the impression of something that was a little rough around the edges and it looked like a place where motorcycles fill the lot on weekends. I thought it was going to be an experience where the beer specials were the thing drawing the most attention, and the food was an afterthought. 

I could not have been more wrong.

I don't know how long they've been there or if there have been recent renovations, but the inside of the restaurant was new clean and well designed. There were some chalkboard specials along the way in. All of which looked tasty, but one especially caught our eye. They had pulled pork on special and offered it on nachos or quesadillas. We got a very nice and comfortable table right in front of a window. The atmosphere was very casual and comfortable. Our server was friendly and prompt.

When looking over the menu, we were a little surprised to see a heavy Greek theme. Toti's offer's a little larger menu and a much more American fare to compliment the Greek selections. 

Amy and I started off with the pulled pork quesadillas. They were nice and fat with plenty of pulled pork inside, but just a touch on the sweet side for my taste. Amy liked them a lot and didn't even notice the sweetness until I mentioned it. They came with sour cream and a diced tomato mix that were in plastic containers with lids. It doesn't make a real difference, but as an afterthought, I think I prefer the condiments scooped fresh to order or at least the appearance of it with the lids removed. I think it gives just a slightly better impression. 

We actually had a hard time narrowing down the menu to two options. It's one of those times that I actually wished we would have gone with some friends to pick and exchange a couple more items, appetizers included. Amy ended up deciding on blackened chicken with pasta in a pink sauce, and I got a Greek pizza. Amy's blackened chicken pasta with pink sauce was plentiful and delivered almost as expected. The spice on the blackened chicken was great and the chicken was juicy and tender. Blackened is a word and method tossed around a lot - this was a great representation. The pasta sauce was a little lacking in the pink department. It was more red than anything else, but it went very well with the chicken and pasta. 

My Greek pizza came with a disclaimer from the waitress. I appreciated it, but I stuck to my guns with my order. It is described on the menu as a pizza with two eggs, feta cheese, tomato slices and one additional topping of your choice. I went with ham. When reading the description, I was thinking more along the lines of a sliced hard boiled egg. The waitress said that when most people get it, its not exactly what they were expecting. She said it comes with scrambled egg and no red tomato sauce. It resembles more of a cross between a pizza and a quiche. Amy looked at me with surprise and a little disappointment when I stuck with my order. It definitely sounds out of the ordinary, but it worked. It worked really well, and Amy even liked it too. It was a great mix of flavors. The feta added just a touch of bitterness that I really liked. 

Our experience at Toti's Grilled Pizzeria was delightful and we look forward to going back and trying some different things. As we were finishing our food, I noticed a great buffalo sauce smell coming from the kitchen and noted a wing special on a chalkboard near the bar. I'll probably be trying that next time. The prices were very reasonable, and our entrees plus one appetizer came to about $50 dollars. My only recommendation for the restaurant would be to update the exterior or even just a new sign that reflects substantial effort and money invested in the inside. Something that catches the eye a little better will bring more people inside to a meal and experience that they're sure to enjoy.


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