Bites Nearby: Pita Market

Mediterranean pita pocket wraps live on on Taunton Avenue.

Those familiar with Route 44 in Seekonk can name tons of businesses and locations along Taunton Avenue. There are lots of landmarks and noticeable businesses that stick out and are easy to remember. Car dealerships, fast food restaurants, and supermarkets are places that people could easily recall from memory, but how many local residents would be able to tell you where the Pita Market is? I can now say that I am one of the ones that can. On my second attempt to go to the Pita Market on a recommendation, Amy and I got some nice big pits wraps and headed in a homeward direction satisfied and stuffed. 

The first time Amy and I tried to go, we got there a little late. They close at 7 p.m. We came back a second time around 6:30 p.m., and I was a little surprised they were open even that late. It has the feeling of a lunch place, and the inside was empty of people except for the very nice woman that helped us and her daughter. Upon walking in, the Pita Market was very nice had the table arrangement you would expect from a lunch place. It had several tables that could easily fit two or definitely squeeze four, depending on how many people you go with.  They also had one cool looking semi-high top table that Amy really liked. It was an elephant body with two heads and a flat table on top. If we had eaten there, it definitely would have been at that table. 

We walked up to the counter where they had many types of marinated meats and sauces visible in the refrigerator. Having not been there before, I asked for some advice and we were guided to the standard style pita wraps that are a trademark of this type of store. I wish she would have done a little better job of walking me through what I was looking at in the fridge. The first step was to choose the meat. Amy went with chicken, and I choose lamb. Both were marinading in delicious looking sauces, and a few chunks of each were tossed onto the grill. While waiting for the meat to heat up, I took a look around, and saw a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean packaged goods and groceries for sale. 

The pita wrap, plus meat, then toppings added up to a pretty monstrous sized wrap. Toppings consisted of tabbouleh, a white yoghurt sauce, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, pickles, and maybe a couple more I am forgetting or can't pronounce. As far as value for your money goes, pita market delivers. You certainly won't go home, or back to work hungry. However, the flavoring on the meat lacked a little kick. Both Amy's chicken and my lamb were just a little bland and a little on the simple side. A little salt would have helped a bit, but I think a range of different Mediterranean spices with including some garlic, paprika, or onion would have given the meats and their respective sauces a little more character. 

In addition to the wraps, we ordered a side of hummus with some pita. It certainly wasn't necessary to fill us up, I just wanted to try something additional off the menu. The fate of the hummus was pretty much the same as the wraps, a little something was missing. In this case, Amy immediately fingered it as a lack of garlic. She has a little better pallet for hummus than me, and she was absolutely right. It was a little light on flavor, and the texture was a touch too smooth and liquidy. It was still good, and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients, but I'm used to hummus that's a little grainier and pastier. 

The Pita Market was very reasonably priced. Our two wraps plus pita and hummus came in at about $17. Its a fantastic, healthy, and fresh alternative to some of the other options available to those looking for a quick lunch or snack. We were a little disappointed at the drink selection. There wasn't too much to choose from, so we ended up taking our pita wraps to go. I certainly recommend the Pita Market, and someone who prefers a little less salt and spice could totally fall in love with the place.


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