Attleboro Stories of the Week

City Councilor Jonathan Weydt's colorful commentary about the city's handling of the blizzard in Ward 4 is the most-viewed story of Feb. 10-16.

Not surprisingly, Attleboro Patch readers were focused on stories about the aftermath of the blizzard this week. Four of the five most-viewed stories were about school closures and local leaders' reactions to the the storm. The other story in the top five was about the reported hit-and-run crash Friday afternoon on County Street that sent a New Hampshire senior citizen to the hospital with a serious injury.

Although barred from being able to speak extensively by his colleagues on the council, Jonathan Weydt had several negative comments to say about his Ward 4's treatment during and after the storm.

"I do feel there was some good work done, but we had a lot of problems in Ward 4 ...We had issues in Ward 4, a lot of issues," Weydt said.

The story also received the most comments this week with 124, with reaction ranging from support to opposition. The topic of freedom of speech was also discussed because Councilor Peter Blais cut off Weydt's commentary and Council President Frank Cook would not even allow discussion of the city's cleanup effort.

"Sounds to me like Blais and Cook want to live in a perfect world where no one ever has anything bad to say about anyone else and everyone is wonderful and happy," one commenter wrote. "It's unsettling that they tried to silence Weydt for speaking out against their naivety and speaking up for the people of Attleboro."

Another person wrote, "I think this was just a storm that was so large, it got ahead of people. Cities can only be prepared for so much, and some people seem to think that if it wasn't done as perfect that they wanted it done, then it's as if they did nothing at all. Plow workers weren't just sitting around, drinking coffee, and having a marvelous time ... Maybe instead of trying to place blame, people should come together and figure out a solution. It's not like the city can just 'wish' the snow away."

Most-Viewed Stories for Feb. 10-16

1. Councilor Rips City's Handling of Storm Recovery

2. Attleboro Public Schools to Remain Closed Tuesday

3. How Do You Rate Attleboro's Storm Recovery Effort?

4. Pedestrian Struck by Suspected Drunk Driver


Jerry Chase March 02, 2013 at 10:42 PM
Upon what basis or Council Rule can president F. Cook or Councilor P. Blais legitimately stifle, or attempt to intimidate, other City councilors from speaking on municipal matters of genuine concern? According to the Municipal Council Rules of Procedure, a councilor which has the floor has the right to retain the floor until they are finished speaking. Thus, committee chair P. Blais broke Council Rules; and the president has the duty to enforce the Rules at ALL meetings. Frank Cook again failed to do so. The fair question is, "Why not obey the Rules, Frank?"


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