Lyons Den, the Cheers of Attleboro

Owner Joyce Lyons said that she runs the Den as a hometown pub.

Joyce Lyons has been working in the same Attleboro bar for more than 37 years, and she says she'll never stop.

"It's just a tiny neighborhood bar, something like Cheers," she said. 

Lyons said she obtained ownership of the Lyons Den 13 years ago when the owner's son, Jim Friedman, asked her to take over. She said it was great because all of her regulars knew and trusted her.

"They all stayed because I was their bartender before that," she said. "I just knew about tending bar and he gave me the opportunity to try, and I've been here for 13 years."

Lyons said that the little things in the bar help keep her regulars coming back. In the early days of her job, she said she used to dress up as different female characters. She said nowadays the shuffleboard, cards and bar games have become favorites. The regulars come in and play high-low-jack tournaments every Saturday.

The bar is a major part of her life, both professional and personal.

"I met my best friend there and I met my husband there," she said. "We were married for 24 years … The customers are regulars; they're all like family now to be honest. If someone's getting married, we all get together and have a bridal shower. If someone was having a baby, we have a baby shower."

She added, laughing, that once they even had a divorce shower.

Lyons said that the community of her customers mean the most to her, but the charm of the bar itself was really important to her as well.

"Somebody asked me why I didn't remodel," she said. "It would take away from the charm, my customers don't do fancy."

The Lyons Den is located at 15 Dunham St. in Attleboro. It is open every day from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.


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