Drivers Take Crash Course on Distractions [VIDEO]

Arbella Insurance Foundation rolled in to Attleboro to give drivers a test they will not forget.

Stacy Marchand did not hesitate when she heard Arbella Insurance Foundation was offering a course on texting and other distractions for new drivers. 

The Attleboro resident immediately signed up her daugher, Sydney Marchand, 16, for , a half-hour, hands-on course on the dangers of distracted driving. 

The course was offered for five days by Richardson-Cuddy Insurance with support from the Arbella Insurance Foundation to new drivers in the Attleboro area.

By Saturday afternoon, a total of 77 drivers had taken the course. 

Arbella Tour Manager and instructor Topher Paone walked Marchand through the various scenarios of the course. Marchand learned firsthand what happened when she tried to text while driving during the course. She crashed, or as Arbella puts it, she had a "textident." 

An embarrassed Marchand said: "I never text while driving." Marchand not only walked away with more knowledge from the course, she walked away with a $15 gas card.

For information on where the Distractology 101 mobile will be next, visit the Distractology website, which includes a list of dates and locations of the tour. 


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