Sturdy Memorial Recognizes Young Volunteers

People from Attleboro and Seekonk are honored at a ceremony.

Attleboro and Seekonk residents were recently recognized for their service at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in its junior volunteers program. The young men and women, ages 13 to 17, volunteered for 20 to 400 during the past year in patient and non-pateint areas of the hospital as well as at off-site facilities.

The recognized volunteers were:

Attleboro Residents
20 hours of service: Alyssa Aguiar, Julia Bergh, Jeannie Carreiro, Avery Costa, Danesha Daniels, Stefanie Gentile, Elizabeth Geoffroy, Gabriel Hazeldine, Ryan Henry, Carissa Holden, Paige Lynch, Jennise Morin, Jessica Nguyen, Tasha Phillips, Katie Sutherland, Kellie Thy and Samantha Wnuk

50 hours of service: Lauren Beale, Kalyn Bishop, Allison Cameron, Joseph Moreau, Malisa Nguyen, Nijal Popat, Kimberly Salguero, Kaitlyn Tondreau, Rebecca Tondreau, Samantha Tondreau, Kush Nilesh Ganatra, Tiffany Luongo and Tatiana Messier-Torres

100 hours of service: Abraham Eid, Brett Chatfield and Deanna Heeks

200 hours of service: Samia Habib and Alissa Mercer

400 hours of service: Sarah Massiwer and Kyle Stapleton

Seekonk Residents
20 hours of service: Michael Ho, Samantha Livesey, Savannah Livesey and Tyler Shields

50 hours of service: Christopher Casey

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