Holiday Season a Time to Reflect on Good Fortune

Seekonk residents share what they are grateful for this holiday season.

The holiday season is often a time for people to reflect on what is most important to them, to realize how grateful they are for what they have, no matter how difficult the previous 12 months have been.

A few locals shared with us recently what they are grateful for this holiday season.

Dave, a single dad from Seekonk, said he was thankful for his three children, one in college and two in high school.

“I’m thankful that everything is going so well with them,” he said, adding that he was also grateful for his good health and his steady job.

“I’ve had to scale back, but it makes you remember to be grateful for the simple things,” he said.

Among the simple things people are thankful for are health and family. Aaron Yu said he was thankful to have good company, good health and his family for the holidays. TV 9’s Jeff Fountain and Cody Peixoto both said they were also grateful for their health and their families.

Karissa Liddell of nearby Rehoboth said that while her family is often very busy throughout the year and may have had difficulties in that time, the holidays always bring them close again.

“During the holidays we can all put aside our differences and be happy together,” she said.

While multiple residents said they were thankful just to have jobs in these tough economic times, Veronica Brinkley, the outreach case manager for Seekonk Human Services, said she was thankful that she has a job that she considers her calling.

“I’m thankful that I’m in a position that I’m able to help people," Brinkely said. "I’m grateful that God steered me this profession. It just makes me happy to be here."

Brickley’s coworker, Ashley Pimental, had similar thoughts.

“I’m thankful for the family in my life, she said," and that I have the opportunity to help others in this community.”

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