Foreclosure Declines in Attleboro in 2011

The Warren Group is reporting a decrease in foreclosures in 2011.


Both the number of started and completed foreclosures in Attleboro decreased in 2011, according to numbers released this week.

Foreclosure petitions in Attleboro which represent the start of the foreclosure process, were at 221 for 2010, as compared to 147 in 2011, according to real estate information firm The Warren Group.

Statewide, the number of completed foreclosures fell by more than 30 percent for the year. There were 8,526 foreclosures in 2011, down from 12,238 in 2010. Petitions fell from 23,931 to 12,634.

Group CEO Timothy Warren said in a statement the real estate market's 2012 performance should tell if a recovery is taking place.

"It's promising to see a drop in foreclosures for the year. However, it's no secret that the low numbers are indicative of lenders slowing foreclosure processes throughout much of the year," he said.

"I'm expecting that we'll see a true picture of the market as the process gets back on track in the coming year."

Here are the foreclosure statistics for area towns:

  • Attleboro saw foreclosure petitions fall 33 percent, from 221 in 2010 to 147 in 2011. Deeds were down 66 percent, from nine to three.
  • Dover's foreclosure petitions are down 27 percent for the year, from 41 to 30, while deeds doubled, from one to two.
  • Easton had its foreclosure petitions drop by 53 percent, from 72 to 34, while deeds were down 64 percent, from 34 to 12.
  • Foxborough's foreclosure petitions declined from 44 to 29, and deeds tumbled 64 percent, from 25 to nine.
  • In Mansfield, 2011 petitions were down 48 percent from 2010, falling from 65 to 40. Deeds dropped from 27 to 13, a 52 percent decline.
  • Medfield saw its foreclosure petitions fall 59 percent, from 22 to nine, while deeds were down from five to three.
  • Norfolk 2011 foreclosure petitions declined from 24 to 14, while deeds were steady at six.
  • Norton had its foreclosure petitions fall 48 percent from 2010 to 2011 (80 to 42), while deeds were down 36 percent, from 39 to 25.
  • Norwood's foreclosure petitions were down 45 percent, form 75 to 41, while deeds fell slightly, from 26 to 24 (8 percent).
  • Plainville had its foreclosure petitions fall from 23 to 21, but deeds were up from five to 10.
  • Sharon saw its foreclosure petitions drop 65 percent, from 46 to 16, while deeds were steady at 10.
  • Seekonk's foreclosure petitions fell from 62 to 30 in 2011, a 45 percent drop. Deeds dropped from 32 to 22, a 31 percent decline.
  • Stoughton saw its foreclosure petitions fell 50 percent, from 110 in 2010 to 55 last year. Deeds were down 22 percent, from 36 to 28.
  • Wrentham foreclosure petitions held steady at 29. Deeds were down about 37 percent, from 19 to 12.


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