A New Year’s Resolution

Twenty-six acts of kindness for the Sandy Hook Elementary victims.

It's 3 a.m. and I am hovering over their beds watching them sleep. I just want to crawl into their beds wrap my arms around them and never let go. The Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings put me in utter shock and disbelief that something so horrific could happen in a school. I haven't been able to sleep thinking of those poor families and wanting to help them cope, and yet I feel so helpless. How does one move on from such tragedy?

Each year, I try to make a resolution that I will stick to, yet that isn't always the case. I think last year donating my hair for a wig for a cancer patient was the first one I followed through with in a long time. It felt great and I think it was mostly because instead of making a resolution for me personally I did it for someone else. By doing it for someone else, it made it that much more important to follow through with. So, why not do it again?

This year, I decided I would make my New Year's Resolution, with so many other Americans, to commit to 26 Acts of Kindness for the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. It seems like the perfect resolution that I know I will keep. Each act of kindness I do, I will hand out a name for the victim I am doing it for that particular day. That way, I know I gave back to each one of them and also the person receiving the act knows it was on behalf of one of the Sandy Hook victims.

My first act of kindness goes to 6-year-old victim Jessica Rekos. Her parents touched me when they gave an interview on ABC News and talked about their loss. I found a Facebook page started by her parents' classmates to collect $19.95 a month, the year the parents graduated from Newtown High School , to go toward Jessica’s fund. I will be sending out a check today.

If you haven’t considered a New Year's Resolution, or you just find yourself not following through, why not go with 26 Acts? I think this is motivation to give back to all those victims by paying forward. I know this resolution is the one I will be most proud of to complete, why not join me?

I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! Cheers to a safe and healthy 2013.  

Terese Bohaxiu-Dicastiglione January 05, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Doing acts of kindness is a wonderful way to honor the 26 Sandy Hook victims. Check out the site 'be-kinder.com' to see how a local Seekonk woman's life of kindness to others is inspiring people all over the country and the world. It's spreading four words to live by - 'Be Kinder Than Necessary'. Request a free sticker with this motto and put it on your car, bike, boat, fridge, bulletin board - wherever- to remind yourself and others to be kinder than necessary. It will remind you that you should be kinder to a friend, relative or complete stranger. It will remind you to hold your tongue when you are about to say or write something unkind about someone. It will remind you not to blast your horn at a driver, or remind you to let someone over into your lane in traffic when no one else will. It's taking the time to compliment someone on something when they are having a bad day. Believe me, the kindness will come back to you many times over. No matter how you want to participate in performing acts of kindness, please make it a part of your personal or family goal, for the Sandy Hook victims, the 60,000 victims in the Syrian conflict, those devastated by Super Storm Sandy, or as a tribute to our friend Elaine of Seekonk who sadly left us in July of this year.


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